Best Way to Grind Coffee

Best Way to Grind Coffee

The best way to grind coffee is the way that produces the type of taste and body that you like. The coffee grind you use to brew your cup of Joe has a lot to do with the quality of the cup.

The actual size of the coffee grind and the way you brew the grounds all affect how your cup of coffee will taste in the end.

Turns out there are two main types of coffee grinders you can use to get your coffee beans grounded up. There are burr grinders and there are blade grinders and if you are not interested in machines you could always manually grind with a mortar and pestle.

Which of these methods provide you with the best way to grind your coffee? Let’s find out!

The way people grind their coffee beans is often the most overlooked step when it comes to creating a really great tasting cup of coffee. Grinding your own coffee beans is an important fact that really and truly has a drastic impact on the quality of the final cup.

Burr Grinders

The ideal grinder for the best tasting cup of Joe is a burr grinder. This type of grinder allows you to have the most control on how fine you want your grind to be.

Burr grinders also allow you to have more evenly ground coffee allowing for a more perfectly ground. Your best choice for a burr grinder is a conical one. These tend to be higher in price but they are the same type of grinders that enthusiasts and professionals use.

As such they are really worth the price. They offer slower yet more precise grounds and a cooler motor so no heat is transferred to the beans which can cause a bitter taste.

Blade Grinders

These types of coffee grinders are less expensive and are the most common types of coffee grinders you will find in a typical household. The best way to grind coffee using a blade grinder is to grind the coffee in short bursts instead of holding down the trigger with the expectation of a an even grind.

Pulsing a blade grinder will allow for more evenly ground coffee and this will mean a better tasting brewed final cup. These grinders tend to get hot and too much heat on the beans will cause a bitter taste in your final cup of coffee.

The Best Way to Grind Coffee is to Never over Grind!

No matter which grinding method you choose you want to ensure that you never over grind your coffee. There are different size grinds that are suitable for different brewing methods so you should consider the type of grounds that go the best with your brewing method to find the best way to grind coffee at home.

  1. If you are grinding for a French press (also known as plungers) brew or for a percolator then you want a coarse grind.
  2. If you are grinding for a drip machine or vacuum type of machine you want to grind your coffee to a medium ground. This type of grounds will have a granulated sugar like consistency. This size grounds can be used to make coffee by a number of brewing methods and still offer great taste. The only type of brewing method you don’t want to use these grounds for is for making espresso.
  3. You want to make espresso then the best way to grind coffee is to a fine grind. These grounds should be of a meal-like or powdery consistency. It is also a good choice if you are making filter brews or Neapolitan flip-drips.
  4. If you will be making Turkish coffee you want to have pulverized grounds. These grounds will be extremely fine and have flour like consistency. If you want these grounds you will need a specialized type of grinder.

The best way to grind coffee depends on what your brewing method will be. Different size grounds are better suited for different brewing methods.

But no matter what kind of brewing method you choose you don’t want to over grind as this will cause your final cup to have a bitter taste and bitter and good coffee are words that don’t go hand in hand.

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