Cappuccino Vs. Macchiato Vs. Latte: What’s The Differences?

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Ah, coffee. It’s one of life’s little luxuries. Whether you like it strong or mild, iced or hot, there are many different coffee drinks to choose from! But even for the most experienced coffee fans, some of these terms can be hard to keep track of – cappuccino vs. macchiato vs. latte? 

What do they all mean? 

Well, have no fear – we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll look at what type of milk is used in each drink type and how much espresso is included- plus any other important distinctions like sweetness levels and whether they contain foam. 

Let’s find out!

What Is Cappuccino?

cappuccino coffee

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink with espresso, hot milk, and steamed foam. It usually has a thicker consistency than regular coffee because it includes more milk and foam. 

The name cappuccino comes from the traditional Italian hooded cloak worn by monks, similar in color to the beverage when prepared correctly.

What Is Macchiato?

A macchiato is a type of espresso-based coffee drink. It is made with an espresso shot, topped off with a small amount of steamed milk and foam for flavor. 

The name “macchiato” means “marked” or “stained” in Italian, referring to the fact that the addition of milk marks it. Macchiatos are usually served in smaller cups than other espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

What Is Latte?

Latte is a popular coffee beverage made with espresso and steamed milk. It usually has a foam layer and is often served with flavoring such as vanilla or caramel syrup. 

Latte can also be prepared using different types of milk, such as almond, oat, soy, or coconut milk.

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Cappuccino Vs. Macchiato Vs. Latte: The Differences

Cappuccino Vs. Macchiato Vs. Latte

Taste And Flavor

So what’s the difference between a cappuccino, macchiato, and latte? It all comes down to taste and flavor. 

A cappuccino is made with espresso and steamed milk and topped with foam. A macchiato is made with espresso shots and a small amount of foamed milk. Lastly, a latte has more steamed milk than foam but also contains espresso shots.

Brewing Method

A cappuccino is a classic Italian espresso drink made with one shot of steamed milk and topped with foam. The ratio of coffee to milk is 1:1, making it the strongest of the three drinks. 

A macchiato has slightly less milk than a cappuccino but still contains a single shot of espresso and foam on top. The ratio for this drink is 1/3 espresso to 2/3 foamed milk. 

Lattes are made with one or two shots of espresso and steamed milk, creating a creamy texture without any foam on top. This makes them the mildest strength among these three drinks, as they contain more steamed milk than either cappuccinos or macchiatos.

Milk Preparation

The main difference between cappuccino, macchiato, and latte is milk preparation. Cappuccino has a strong espresso flavor with steamed milk added on top of it. 

Macchiato is an espresso shot with just a little bit of foamed milk added to it. Latte is an espresso shot with more steamed milk than foam, creating a creamy texture.

Caffeine Content

Cappuccino, macchiato, and latte all contain caffeine but in varying amounts. A cappuccino contains the most, with around 80-150mg of caffeine per cup. A macchiato has a bit less, containing about 60-80mg of caffeine per cup. 

Finally, a latte contains the least caffeine, with only 40-70mg per cup.

Health Considerations

Cappuccino, macchiato, and latte are all espresso-based coffee drinks. Cappuccinos contain a single shot of espresso with steamed milk and foamed milk on top. 

Macchiatos contain a double shot of espresso with just a dollop of foam or steamed milk added to the top. Lattes contain one shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk. 

Regarding health considerations, cappuccinos have more calories and fat than macchiatos or lattes due to the additional dairy used in their preparation. 

However, all three beverages provide beneficial nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, and protein from the dairy component.

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A Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table summarizing the differences between cappuccino, macchiato, and latte:

IngredientsEspresso, steamed milk, foamEspresso, foamed milkEspresso, steamed milk
Milk Foam RatioEqual partsMostly foamMore steamed milk than foam
Serving SizeTypically largerSmallerTypically larger
Caffeine Content80-150mg per cup60-80mg per cup40-70mg per cup
TasteStrong espresso flavorBalanced espresso and milkCreamy and milky
Milk PreparationSteamed milkFoamed milkSteamed milk
Additional FlavorNoNoFlavored syrups can be added
Calorie ContentHigherLowerModerate

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Final Thoughts

Cappuccino, macchiato, and latte are delightful espresso-based coffee drinks that offer unique flavors and experiences.

A cappuccino is a strong and bold choice, with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam, delivering a robust flavor profile.

Conversely, Macchiato provides a stronger espresso taste with just a touch of foamed milk, resulting in a rich and satisfying experience in a smaller serving size.

The Latte is perfect if you prefer a milder and creamier option. It combines espresso with steamed milk, creating a smooth texture and allowing for the addition of delicious flavored syrups.

Remember, cappuccinos have the highest caffeine content, while macchiatos and lattes offer a slightly milder kick.

Consider your preferences and health considerations when choosing between them, as cappuccinos may have higher calorie and fat content due to the additional milk used.


What Tastes Better Cappuccino Or Macchiato?

Whether cappuccino or macchiato tastes better is subjective and depends on personal preference. Some individuals may prefer a cappuccino’s strong and bold flavor, while others may enjoy the bolder espresso taste with a touch of foamed milk in a macchiato.

Which Is Healthier, Caramel Macchiato Or Latte?

Regarding healthiness, it is important to note that caramel macchiatos and lattes can vary in nutritional content depending on the specific ingredients and preparation methods used. 

Generally, a plain latte without added flavorings or syrups would be considered healthier than a caramel macchiato, as the latter typically contains caramel syrup, adding sugar and calories.

Why Is Macchiato Good?

Macchiato is considered good by many due to its distinctive flavor profile. Combining a bold espresso shot with a hint of foamed milk creates a unique and intense taste experience. 

What Is The Side Effect Of Macchiato?

When consumed in moderation, macchiatos do not typically have specific side effects. However, it is worth noting that macchiatos, like any other coffee drink containing caffeine, may cause effects such as increased heart rate, restlessness, or difficulty sleeping if consumed excessively or by individuals sensitive to caffeine. 

Which Is Stronger: Latte Or Cappuccino?

In terms of strength, cappuccinos are generally considered stronger than lattes. This is because cappuccinos have a higher ratio of espresso to milk, with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Lattes, conversely, contain more steamed milk and less foam, resulting in a milder flavor and lower coffee-to-milk ratio. 

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