Coffee Burr Grinder - Crank Coffee Mill by Kuissential Review

Hand Crank Burr Grinder Coffee Mill by Kuissential Review

Enjoy Best Tasting Coffee Anywhere

Are you a coffee lover who loves visiting various coffee shops to get a taste of the wide range of coffee brewers from all over the world? How would you be feeling if you were told that you can make different kinds of coffee brew in your home without much effort?

There is no doubt that you would be dying to know how this is possible. The answer to this question is the Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder from Kuissential.

The main advantage of using this manual coffee grinder is that it comes with a ceramic burr that will last longer, offer flavorful coffee, fresh taste and also does not get rust like its stainless steel counterpart. The noise produced when you use the Kuissential ceramic Hand Crank burr coffee grinder is relatively low when compared to the stainless steel burr.

This manual grinder can be adjusted to get the desired grind size to get the coffee ground to make the desired brew.


The quality of the product lies in the features that it offers. The Kuissential manual ceramic coffee grinder is loaded with features.

  • Ceramic burr to make tasty, flavor rich, fresh coffee every time
  • The ceramic burr design ensures that the grinder lasts a long time
  • The hand crank mechanism can be adjusted and turned counter-clockwise to produce coarse coffee grind size
  • The grind size can be easily adjustable
  • The collection jar at the bottom is made of glass and hence the amount of coffee grind can be easily seen
  • The hopper lid at the top ensures that the coffee beans do not jump out during the grinding process
  • The operation of the machine is quiet and it is very easy to clean
  • The bottom jar doubles as a storage container as leftover grinds can be easily stored in it
  • The collection jar has a non-slip base to hold the jar steadily during the grinding process


  • Ceramic burrs that last a long time than the stainless steel burrs
  • Nonslip base for the bottom jar
  • Easy to adjust the grind levels
  • Hopper lid to prevent coffee beans  from jumping out
  • Bottom jar can also be used as a storage jar


  • Consistent coffee grounds might be an issue
  • Not ideal grinder for French Press or pour over


The Kuissential manual ceramic coffee grinder is the best grinder that you can buy for your home where there are a few coffee lovers. This machine will give you the freedom to grind the coffee beans in various sizes and offer you the option to brewing in different methods.

The use of ceramic burrs ensures that the flavor and the richness of the coffee are intact. The grind is also very uniform. The unit has very good torque and hence it is very easy to grind the coffee beans to the size and perfection that you want.

Adjusting the grind size is very easy. All that is to be done is to remove the top screw, the handle and the grind lock to turn the washer anti-clockwise for getting the larger grind and clockwise to get a finer grind.

With the ease of use, clean and quality grinds, the manual burr coffee grinder from Kuissential is an ideal coffee grinder for every home.


The performance and efficiency of the Kuissential manual coffee burr grinder can be known only when it is compared with two other similar coffee grinders. The JavaPresse manual coffee grinder carries the same price tag of the Kuissential coffee burr grinder.

It comes with conical burr mill, but is made of stainless steel and does not look that attractive and trendy like the Kuissential manual coffee grinder. There is only a small window at the bottom jar of the stainless steel casing to know the quantity of the coffee ground, whereas the Kuissential’s bottom jar can be used as a collection jar as well as a storage glass jar.

The second product is the Hario Skerton Ceramic coffee mill. The main disadvantage of this machine is that it is priced about $15 more than the Kuissential Coffee Burr Grinder for more or less the same features. Both the coffee grinders come with bottom collection and storage jar, hand crank mechanism, lightweight and easy to use and clean.


The main reason why people prefer to use Kuissential Manual Coffee Burr Grinder is because of the burr grinder technology that is far better than the blade grinders. Also, the grinder comes with conical burrs that are far better than any of the non-ceramic or non-conical burr grinders.

The heat retention will be less with ceramic burrs and hence the flavor, aroma, and taste of the coffee beans are not lost. The primary focus of the unit is to offer its users great tasting coffee every time and the product has been very successful in its mission.

There is no doubt that the Kuissential Coffee Burr Grinder with manual ceramic burrs is the most affordable coffee grinder you can buy for your home and traveling purposes.

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