Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder Review

Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder Review

A Compact Travel Coffee Grinder

Are you a coffee lover looking to have your hands on the best manual coffee grinder to make delicious and café like coffee in your home? Do you want to enjoy perfectly brewed coffee every day in the morning and those two different brewing cups on a daily basis?

Well, then all you got to do is to bring home the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder that meets all your requirements easily. This is a very affordable and sleek looking coffee grinder that will not take a lot of your kitchen space.

It is very slim and sleek and therefore can be taken with you while going for camping, hiking or other outdoor activities. This coffee grinding machine is a very good gift for any coffee lover.

The USPs of the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinders is conical ceramic burr, ease of use, easy to carry, stainless steel casing and 18 different coffee grinding settings.



The striking features offered by the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder are as follows.

  • Fully stainless steel body to offer better durability and ensure coffee flavor and aroma lock
  • The unit has conical ceramic burr to ensure the precision of the coffee grind
  • The handle of the grinder is also made using stainless steel and hence lasts long and is easy to operate
  • The burr piece is very durable,  thanks to  the use of industrial nylon plastic and this ensures great solidity and durability that suits everyday use
  • Inbuilt click feature with 18 different coarse settings to offer Pour over, Chemex, French Press, Espresso and many other brews
  • Comes with an environment-friendly cotton string pouch for carrying it easily in the travel bag
  • Well constructed grinder shape to offer perfect and precise grinding even at high speeds


  • Static free as the entire coffee collection jar is made of stainless steel
  • Made using high grade and durable stainless steel
  • 18 different coarse settings with click feature
  • Easily adjusts to the need of the coffee lover
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Bottom piece does not have a glass window
  • Inconsistent grind


If you are looking for an affordable travel coffee grinder that fits easily in your backpack or travel bag, then the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder is a very good choice. The hand grinder is made using the best quality stainless steel and there is no doubt about its sturdiness and durability.

The conical ceramic burr ensures that the flavor, aroma, and taste of the coffee beans will be intact in the powdered form.  Even though the machine is quite compact, the grinder works amazingly well to give a perfect grind every single time.

It does take some time to complete the grinding process, but the end result is one that you will enjoy. The unit is very easy to clean and to pack and it’s well-constructed design and great handle ensure that it is easily operated. It is a very good machine for all coffee lovers who travel a lot.



The functionality and the quality of the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder can be known only if it is compared with two other manual coffee grinders in the same class and price range. The first coffee grinder considered for comparison is the JavaPresse Manual coffee grinder.

The machine looks and has more or less the same features of the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder, but it carries a slightly higher price rate. The handle of the JavaPresse looks flimsy and is not made of steel and hence can break easily.

The other impressive features like 18 different coffee grind coarse settings, hand crank mechanism, and ceramic conical burr are part of both the grinders.

The second product that is chosen for comparison is the Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee grinder. This machine is made of glass and hence needs to be handled very carefully.

There is a chance for it to break easily and as the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder is made of stainless steel there is no chance for it to break that easily. The Hario grinder carries a higher price than the Hunt Brothers grinder.


The above comparison clears shows that the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder is the most affordable manual coffee grinder that you can find in the market today. The unit is a very sturdy and durable one as it is made entirely using the stainless steel construction.

The performance of this manual coffee grinder is exceptional when compared to other grinders in its price range. The use of ceramic blades in the machine makes certain that the aroma and the flavor of the coffee beans will be locked in the coffee ground.

It is very easy to crank and the cylinder is very steady during the grind. The Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder is the best machine to buy for anyone looking for quiet, elegant, cheap, portable and easy to use the coffee grinder machine.


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