Where to Grind Coffee Beans

Where to Grind Coffee Beans

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Where to grind coffee beans you just received as a gift when you don’t have a grinder? Or maybe you are ready to do some fresh grounds only to find out your grinder is broken.

Surely you won’t have to purchase a grinder. There must be some place you can go to get the coffee beans ground up – right? Or you could just purchase your own coffee grinder and move forward only purchasing coffee beans on your road to becoming a coffee connoisseur.

Plus freshly ground coffee smells so good, even people who don’t actually like to drink coffee often like the smell of the grounds.

Manually Ground

There are more than one ways to manually grind your coffee. If you need a cup right now and have no grinder or your grinder is out of commission you can quickly grind up enough coffee beans to make your morning cup or pot.

You could use a hand grinder, mortar and pestle, rolling pin, a blender or you could use a hammer.

Hand Grinder

The first type of grinder was a manual one. These are most likely what your grandmother used to use to grind her coffee beans depending on which century you were born in.

They do a great job and will get you a morning arm workout – cheers to skipping the gym after work.

Mortar and Pestle

Using this method you will want to begin with a couple beans and pound them a bit before adding more. This will ensure that you don’t have beans flying all over the place.

This method requires a little practice to get the grounds even but with a little patient you can get your grounds done well enough to make a good tasting cup.

Rolling Pin

For this method you want to place your coffee grounds in a heavy plastic bag or between parchment papers. Then wrap this with thin towels. Roll the rolling pin while exerting pressure to crush the coffee beans.

Check the beans periodically so you can know when you have reached your desired grind. The rolling pin can be substituted for a bottle or can if you don’t have one.


When you wake up and are ready to get your coffee and find out your grinder is not working, this can really upset your entire day. If you really don’t have time for all that work and don’t want to risk taking all that time and ending up with a less than desirable cup of coffee where taste is concerned then you can draw for your blender.

This is a quick way to get your grounds when you need to get a cup of coffee and don’t have a working grinder. A regular blender or bullet blender will work just like a blade grinder to grind your coffee. You will want to pulse the beans so you get a more even grind.


If you don’t have all the patience or the time then hacking a hammer to your beans is another option for manually grinding them. Get a plastic bag such as a Ziploc and place your beans within.

Then put the bag between two sheets of parchment paper. Then you want to put that package between towels. Use a hammer or preferably a meat tenderizer to crush the beans.

Try to use short even strokes across the width of the wrapped up package. This of course is not an exact science and so you won’t have even grounds. While they may not make your best tasting cup of coffee they will suffice.

Once you have ground up your coffee, if you have a little left over you should store it in the same way you would if you had ground it up in your usual coffee grinder.

Store grounds in an airtight container in a dark and cool place away from the stove or any heat producing appliance. (This doesn’t mean that you are going to be storing the coffee in a refrigerator. If you are reading this because you don’t have a grinder then maybe now is the time to invest in one.

You can find an affordable good quality grinder that will last a long time if you care for it properly. And you will love the difference in the taste of your coffee when you make the first cup.

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